Individual Features

Design Your Profile Using Multiple Cards

Apni pehchaan banao (#PersonalBizMyBiz)

Publish your ‘personal card’ to share your latest contact coordinates
(Home Address, Phone No, Age, Blood Group, Profile picture) with family
and friends. Stay connected with your customers, clients and
acquaintances using your Company’s ‘business card’. Promote your
freelance business, consultancy service or shop with your own ‘my biz
and easily share your card with customers and clients. Never lose
touch with those who matter! or who is the most widely connected
employee (brand ambassador) in your team? SharkID has all the answers!

Design Your Profile Using Multiple Cards

Enjoy 360o Card View

Smart phone par dekhna aasaan (#GetVisual)

In the professional arena, time is money, and SharkID is here to help you
make more of it! Why rummage through your desk searching for contacts
of your customers and clients when you can quickly access their most
current and updated information with a ‘swipe of your smart phone’. From
Mobile, Landline (Home & Office), Fax and IP Phone numbers to website
URLs, FB, Twitter, Blog, Email Id & other social handles, access the info you
need quickly and effortlessly with SharkID’s sophisticated visual interface.

Enjoy 360 Card View

Stay Secure

Apki suraksha, aapke haath (#YourPrivacyGuaranteed)

SharkID safeguards your personal and professional details. Since we’re not
a public directory, you have full control over who connects with you or
accesses your information. By default, ‘your personal card is PRIVATE’
and your ‘business card is PUBLIC’. Also, it’s easy to block individuals who
you no longer wish to stay connected with. Once on your ‘blocked list’, they
will not receive future updates of your Business Card. Is
someone spamming you with unwanted telecalls? Add them to SharkID’s
Spam List & breathe easy.

Go Social

Judde raho (#NetworkingUnlimited)

SharkID brings you a ‘treasure-trove of networking possibilities’ through
its smart user interface. Stay informed about the latest updates in your
network so you don’t miss a single opportunity to reach out to your
contacts. Show your support to your friends, colleagues and clients by
‘liking’ their Business Card, and ‘following’ them. Mark cards that you call
frequently as a ‘favourite’, and speed dial to save time.

Go Social

Start Now, Early Bird Offer

Safalta ki shuruaat (#GetStarted)

Download the ‘SharkID App’ on or before ‘31st March 2017’ to avail your
‘1st year of free service’. Refer us to a friend, get more connections and
you stand a chance to ‘win 5 years of free service!’ With SharkID,
‘It’s a Win-Win for everyone!*’

* Conditions apply

Let Your Name Speak For You

Sirf naam hi kaafi hai (#MyNameMySharkID)

Whether you’re networking through work or meeting someone socially,
communicating your multiple contact coordinates can be a real pain.
SharkID has your back.
‘Club all your contact info’ (Mobile, Personal & Work Email, URL, Office
Address & Social handles) under one exclusive SharkID and share it with
whomever you wish. Easy as that! Be among the first few to register and
you can claim a SharkID (max 6 characters) that’s closest to your name,
absolutely free. ‘Fancy a shorter ID?’ Go ahead and choose a paid SharkID
with 2 to 5 characters, and stand out from the crowd.

Network like a Pro

Jaankari badhao (#EmployeeOfficeDirectory)

Looking to energise your professional network? SharkID has you covered.
Our ‘employee directory’ holds updated Business Cards of all your
important contacts – colleagues, peers, clients and customers, so you’re
always in the loop. What’s more, a handy ‘office directory’ ensures that
you have the latest coordinates of all your Company premises – Branch
Office, Factory, Store, etc., at the touch of your smart phone. The
possibilities are unlimited, with SharkID.‘follow list’ or marking the card as a

Find Out How Popular You Are

Lokpriyata ki pehchaan (#MyFameQuotient)

In these times of cut-throat competition, a strong professional network is a
great plus and with SharkID’s professional Business Card, you’ll find it
easier than ever to track who follows you professionally, what’s your rank
among your professional network and who has your number saved in their
phonebook. Count on SharkID to ‘give your confidence an extra boost’!

Make Life Easy

Ab zindagi aasaan (#DialaBrand)

‘Saving contact numbers on your phone is passé’! With SharkID’s Smart
Phonebook, all your numbers are moved to the cloud, freeing up more
space on your mobile for pictures, videos, etc. Want to order Pizza?
‘No numbers required!’ Simply type ‘Dominos’ to find their contact card
and the outlet closest to you, press dial and order away!

Search & Connect with Ease

SharkID par dhoond lo (#Seek&Find)

Losing contact with someone you met a while back will never be a problem,
thanks to SharkID. Using our ‘advanced search’ feature, you can now
search for your long-lost friends and acquaintances, customers, clients or
peers by city, nick name, company name, etc. What’s more, SharkID’s
Employee Directory is a great place to find all your colleagues across
different companies.

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