1. Why SharkID App?

We all carry multiple contact points i.e. Mobile Numbers, Phone Numbers, Email ID, Social Handles, Website, Blog, Emergency Numbers, Address, etc. To make thigs worse, we have different personal & professional contact points. It’s is very difficult to share all the contact points at a go with individuals, but no more. Now you can share your SharkID which is just 6 characters or less, you can share your full contact details or get full contact details of your friends and biz associates. What’s more every time you update your contact cards, everyone who is using SharkID will get your updates. So no more dead numbers, wrong numbers or duplicate contacts.

2. Types of cards you can have

a. Personal Card: This card contains your home address, emergency numbers, date of birth, your personal contact details like phone, email, your social handles, etc.

b. Business Card: This is the digital biz card published by your company which contains information like name of company, logo, your designation, office address, office contact details, office social handles, etc.

c. My Biz Card: This is biz card published by individuals like proprietors, consultants, etc. If your company is not yet on SharkID platform, you can publish your own business card, which will be titled as my biz card. Btw, ask your company to start using SharkID, it’s Free.

3. Card Privacy

d. Private: If your contact card is marked as private, users will have to request for it to access it. By default your personal card will be private. Personal card cannot be marked Public.

e. Public: If your contact card is marked as public, anyone who has your number can view it. Business Card & My Biz Card by default are public. It can be marked as private too in case of senior professionals.

4. What is SharkID?

For Individuals: SharkID is 6 characters unique universal ID, that you can share to share your contact with your friend, business associates & family members. You can even opt for premium shark ID that are 2 to 5 characters long which are easier to communicate.

For Companies: Company’s brand should be their SharkID. A company is allowed to have multiple SharkID as companies may have multiple brands. Further, companies can make their abbreviation their SharkID e.g. RIL, TCS, etc. Companies can even make their slogan as their SharkID e.g. “JustDoIt”, “IntelInside”.

5. What does SharkID need access to my contacts?

SharkID is not a public phone directory. You can only have detailed contact cards of those people & companies whose number you have stored in your phonebook. Unless you give access to your phonebook, we can’t give you access to detailed contact cards. You can rest assured, you data will remain confidential, please refer our security policy.

6. Security Policy

f. SharkID is owned by 2 software companies namely Silver Touch Technologies Limited (STTL) & e-Procurement Technologies Limited (ETL), which jointly employs more than 1500 people.

g. Both organisations are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & SEI CMM Level 3 certified company. SharkID has already initiated the process to get ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified.

h. ETL has enabled 2G spectrum auction, which were sold for whooping 10 Billion US$ using solution that used advance cryptography i.e. AES 256. Trust us, we take security, very very seriously.

i. SharkID App & Web App is audited by “Name of Agency” for “Name of Security Standards”

j. SharkID website is SSL secured, just like payment gateways.

k. SharkID App contact database is totally encrypted using proprietary technology to ensure 100% confidentiality.

7. What happens when I make a request for a private personal card ?

Request to view private personal card: When you make a request to view private personal card of a user, the user can view your personal card even though it is private and then decide to accept or decline your request. Once the user accepts your request, use can view his personal card and he can view your personal card.

Request to view private business card: When you make a request to view private business card of a user, the user can view your personal as well as your business card and then decide to accept or decline your request. Once the user accepts your request, you can view user private business card. If use wish to view his business card, you will have to make a request. That’s because a user can have multiple business cards, and SharkID won’t share cards on ad hoc basis. Cards are shared on sole discretion of owner.

8. What is Employee Directory?

Employee directory lists the companies you are working for, provided they have adopted SharkID and have published your biz card. If not, kindly suggest SharkID to your CEO, it’ Free.

When you click on company name, you’ll see list of offices of that company. On clicking office card, you will see list of employee working in that office.

If you are looking for a specific employee, use search tool. When an employee quits or a new employee joins the company, the list is automatically updated. You can use SharkID to network with your employees.

9. What are notifications for?

Employee directory lists the companies you are working for, provided they have adopted SharkID and have published your biz card. If not, kindly suggest SharkID to your CEO, it’ Free.

You’ll get notification every time someone updates his card, send you request, start following you, etc. You can turn off the sound of notification by clicking Menu > Settings > Notifications.

10. Follow / Following

If Following: You will be notified as and when a user updates his card. Notification will pop up on notification widow.

My Followers: Will show you list of people who are following you and the cards that they are following.

I’m Following: Will show you list of people who you are following and the cards that you are following. You can follow one or all cards.

11. My Cards

This is the placeholder for your Personal & My Biz Card. You can view/edit your personal & my biz cards here. Publishing personal biz card is mandatory, and by default it will be private. Publishing of My Biz Card is optional.

12. Change Number

If your mobile number changes, you can use change number functionality to change number and continue using app without have to go for fresh download. To change number click Menu > Settings > Change My Number. You should change your number as soon as you discard your old number to continue seamless experience. If your old number is verified by some other user, you will be forcefully logged out from the app.

13. Delete my account

If you wish to delete your account, you can do so by clicking Menu > Settings > Delete my account. Please ensure on deletion all your records and connection will be lost forever. If you wish to delete the app because of some bug, kindly report it to us and we will take prompt action on it & reward you with 5 years of free service.

14. Share a card

Within SharkID: If you wish to share card of a user who is using SharkID with someone who is also using SharkID, do the following.

Outside SharkID: If you wish to share contact details of user who using SharkID with someone who is not using SharkID, do the following.

15. Display Preference

This feature will allow you to list you contact by either First Name or Last name. By default your contacts will be listed by “First Name” alphabetically.

16. Search Bar

We offer full text search such that you can search for Name, Location, Number, Gender, Company name, brand, etc. It will give you matching results. Please note, Search is limited to contact cards stored in your phone.

17. Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions

If you wish to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions of usage, please click here. They are in line with that of any social media platform.